Imagine if you could:

How would your life be different?

  • Move from automatic behaviour to living in a way that honours who you are

  • Become selective and intentional about your activities and your choices

  • Reach a comfortable work-life balance to perform at your highest level

On Demand

Anytime and Anywhere

For those who prefer learning at their own pace, this version of the Leading With Heart Coaching Program covers the same content as the group coaching version.

In this virtual classroom environment you will be given assignments and quizzes to aid your participation and comprehension.

Your Investment Includes: 

Leading With Heart eBook

✓ Corresponding Reflection Journal

✓ Open Community

✓ On Demand Leading With Heart Program

Kind-hearted Words

“My biggest take-away from the coaching sessions with Yene was reclaiming my time and finding a way to truly balance work and my personal life. It's like getting my life back. It's the best gift I could ever wish for.”

G. H.

Here's what to expect...

Welcome from Yene Assegid

  • How to Get the Most from the Leading With Heart Program

  • Join the Leading With Heart Community

  • Leading With Heart eBook and Reflection Journal

The Big Picture

  • Gain an understanding of what it means to be a leader

  • Identify types of service that you can do

  • Identify what compels you

My Search For Leadership

  • Explore how to relate to others

  • Identify how leadership can focused on what people need

  • Learn about challenges facing leaders

The Lessons

  • Identify your vision for the future

  • Understand how to have courage and humility

  • Recognize the characteristics that great leaders have


  • Understand the importance of treating others with dignity

  • Learn the importance of respecting yourself

  • Identify how to handle toxic people and situations


  • Practice listening with your heart

  • Understand the importance of listening with quality and intent

  • Identify ways to prepare for change

The Power Of Choice

  • Recognize the importance of the choice to change how we behave

  • Identify ways to be successful with change

  • Practice making the right choices


  • Practice mindfulness

  • Create and utilize an attention budget

  • Understand the importance of meditation

Staying The Course

  • Identify how to stay the course

  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses

  • Understand the importance of standing up to a bully

Leading Well

  • Explore your gifts

  • Identify your values

  • Create and share your dream and vision

What Now?

  • Practice remaining hopeful and positive

  • Understand the importance of moving forward with your dreams

  • Review the principles of elders

On Demand

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Your Investment Includes:

Leading With Heart eBook
✓ Corresponding Journal
✓ Open Community
✓ On Demand Leading With Heart Program

Looking for something more?

Group Coaching

Everything in the Self Paced Program Plus:

✓ Private Community
✓ Group Coaching Facilitated by Yene