As a leader, do you struggle with:

Leadership is fulfilling, but not easy.

  • Feeling drained, stressed
    and possibly depressed?

  • Having the courage
    to say no (or yes)?

  • Taking on too much resulting in
    a work-life imbalance?

True leadership, based on honesty, authenticity and meaningful relationships, takes guts.

The world is hungry for good leadership, for leaders who see themselves as servants of the people, rather than those who lead from ego and who are driven by a desire for self-enrichment. We need leaders who will lead on our behalf, to help improve our lives.

The call is becoming louder now for decency, a return to empathy and compassion and to recognise the humanity of our fellow men and women. These are the qualities exemplified in what I call “leading with heart”, a concept we can all practise and one, which, I believe, will make a profound difference in the world.

Imagine if you led from a place of authenticity and integrity grounded in:

  • Dignity

  • Patience

  • Choice 

  • Presence

Based on 10 years of research that led to a PhD. in Transformational Learning and Change, I created the Leading With Heart coaching philosophy and wrote the book Leading With Heart.

If you believe that leadership is about finding a purpose that drives you and then pursuing it in the best interest of others, I invite you to join me to invest in further developing your capacity to lead with heart.

On this journey you will hone your individual leadership style so you can share your brilliance with your clients and help transform their lives.

Yene Assegid, PhD, ICF/MCC

Leading With Heart Founder & Program Designer
Transformative Leadership Coach | Trainer | Author

When you Lead With Heart you:

Every challenge is an opportunity.

This is a chance to learn about yourself, improve your skills and strengthen your emotional intelligence.

  • Move from automatic behaviour to living in a way that honours who you are

  • Become selective and intentional about your activities and your choices

  • Reach a comfortable work-life balance to perform at your highest level

Leading With Heart

Which format is right for you?


    Leading With Heart eBook

    Corresponding Journal

    Open Community

    OnDemand Program


    Leading With Heart eBook

    Corresponding Journal

    Private Community

    Five 90 Minute Group Coaching Sessions Facilitated by Yene


    Leading With Heart eBook

    Corresponding Journal

    Private Community

    Five 60 Minute Personalized Coaching Sessions with Yene

    Unlimited email access to Yene between sessions

    Limited To 5 Clients

On Demand

Leading With Heart

For those who prefer learning at their own pace, this version of the Leading With Heart Coaching Program covers the same content as the group coaching version.

In this virtual classroom environment you will be given assignments and quizzes to aid your participation and comprehension.

Group Coaching

Leading With Heart

Benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.

Yene Assegid guides a small group of like-minded leaders through a blend of self-paced and online learning. Your growth will be enhanced by opportunities for immediate feedback as well as peer support between sessions.

Individual Coaching

Leading With Heart

Yene will help you to develop a clear and focused path to achieving your goals.

Together you will identify areas that may be holding you back and create a plan to shift them.

Kind-hearted Words

“Yene Assegid is a positive life force to anyone who receives her coaching. She brought me energy, clarity and specific instructions when I felt stuck and needed an extra boost of encouragement.”

M. S.

“Yene is a highly skilled coach and a wonderful person. She helped me during a career transition to quickly narrow in on the essential dimensions of the issues I faced, and to develop a rational approach to sorting them out and making choices.”

A. F.

“My biggest take-away from the coaching sessions with Yene was reclaiming my time and finding a way to truly balance work and my personal life. It's like getting my life back. It's the best gift I could ever wish for.”